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Shanti Social Welfare Foundation

About US:

Necessity is the mother of all new beginnings. We offer healing treatment and guidance in Punarvasan/Mukti Kendra in Bhopal, MP. Including Yoga Meditation, Nutritious and Balanced Meals, Indoor Games and Counselling.

Our Service:

Our professional expert team is ready to serve you the following services in Punarvasan/Mukti Kendra in Bhopal, MP.

One To One Counselling

Get one-to-one counselling to help you understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Family Counselling

Our team collaborates with the family to educate them on behavioral strategies and goals that can enhance the home environment.

Yoga Meditation

Get yoga and meditation sessions designed for ultimate relaxation.

Nutritious And Balanced Meals

We are suggesting nutritious and balanced meals that accommodate any dietary needs as required.

Indoor Games

We are suggesting indoor games that provide both entertainment and relaxation, making them a great way to enjoy your time.

Why Choose Us

  1. Safe, accessible, luxurious, and fully equipped rooms
  2. Various methods are crafted to help you become healthier.
  3. 24/7 customer service is accessible.
  4. A team comprising highly skilled professionals.
  5. System of providing daily updates to the family via call or message.

Prayas ek naye jeevan ki or…

The Shanti Social Welfare Foundation, based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, endeavors to impact people’s lives significantly. Call us on +91-7566202444



Monitoring and assistance in daily activities and regular updates to family relatives about the progress.


Our environment is welcoming and comforting, creating a sense of home for our people, which enhances comfort


Our professionals are always available to provide comprehensive attention and necessary impact to each person.


Additional activities are crucial in our program. We offer daily yoga and meditation sessions, as well as drama, plays, dance, music, and various other entertainment programs to support individuals in achieving their goals.

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Address: 129 LIG, Harshwardhan Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India, Postal code -462003