In shanti foundation we are committed to develop our society and culture as best in world and to achieve this we are doing following

Child Health care and awarenes :- We have separate wing who is working he help poor and needy children’s of our society and under this we have done various activities like we supports many orphanages to give better life for their child etc…

Education:- India is lagging due to insufficient educational supports and awareness so we deed a better in this field by opening primary school for people who does not have money to get education in costly privates schools . To make our youth more powerful we have a degree college where people higher education in easy way.

Health care:- In area of health care we are focusing on ruler areas where many people are striving due to lake of medicine and suitable consultants. We have also focus on drug abuses and help in the inculcation of such behavior as would bring happiness to the family of a man or generally mankind without reservation of his status ,cast and religion.

Environment Awareness:- To create environmental consciousness among people and to formulate and carry out programs creating awareness, pollution control and help government machinery , voluntary organization,national or international agencies in various environment protection programmes.