About Us

Seven million children under the age of 14 years in India do not have access to education and approximately 50% of these children drop out before they complete their elementary education. Save the Children is working with Central and State Governments to ensure that each of them have a chance to attend school.

Develop the startegies for promotion of Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Educational & Economical developments and upliftment of adults and children of all ages without any distinction of caste or religion and develop the strategies for problems arising from degradation of environmental need.

To impart and promote knowledge to foster ethical and spiritual value inculcate socialawareness and to instill an abiding sanse of patriotism in children.

To provide Primary, Basic and Higher formal and technical education for most neglected boys and girls for their empowerment, betterment and survival, fundation establish state level schools, colleges and universities under constitution of India with the help of State Government and Government of India.

To develop the atrategies for solving the problems of crime & terrorisme, deug abuses and help in the inculcation of such behavior as would bring happiness to the family of man or generally mankind without reservation of this status, caste and religion.

To create environmental consciousness among people and to formulafe and carry out programs creating awareness, pollution control and help Government machinery, voluntary organizations, national & international agencies in various environment protection programmes.